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The Internet is one of the most popular features of the World Wide Web.

The Internet was created in 1968 by the U.S. military as a fail-safe, nuke-proof communication medium created as a precaution in case of an apocalyptic disaster. It has evolved into a robust world-wide massive network-of-networked computers that for many millions of people provides a free global souce of information and instant communications.

Although the Internet is, by nature, decentralized, it exists because of the creation of a series of "backbones" that are actively maintained by major Internet service providers such as MCI, Worldcom, Sprint, GTE, and AT&T.

The Internet is related but is not synonymous with the World Wide Web. Basicly, the Internet is a massive computer network infrastructure, while the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet. As such, the Web can be thought of as just one of the ways, albeit the primary way, that information can be disseminated over the Internet.

Other ways that information can be disseminated over the Internet include eMail, forums and newsgroups, instant messaging (IM), and FTP.

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