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Personal Digital Assistant


Never be out of the loop! Go wireless with a new PDA! more


PDA's and Handhelds from Palm, Handspring, Sony, HP, and many others makes navigating your day easier. Also, if you know exactly what you want, use the PDA Finder in the the PDA section (just click on the PDA Finder tab) to select the PDA that's best for you. more


One of the Internet leaders in name-brand clearance houses. They purchase manufacturer's, wholesaler's, and even some retailer's excess inventory and pass on a 40 - 80% savings to you. Often, the price you pay is below the manufacturer's cost. It's always a good idea to look here because you never know what you might find. They SHIP WORLDWIDE. more has a variety of PDA's and PDA cases. Also visit their separate PDA Store. also has reconditioned PDA's in the Clearance Center, (click on "PDA" on the left Clearance menu). Some products qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

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