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What is a Refurbished Computer?
What is a Discontinued Computer?
icon This popular online liquidator usually has an impressive display of discontinued and refurbished computers and laptops at up to 80% off of manufacturer's suggested retail prices. Overstock provides Worldwide Shipping.

Computers4SURE Clearance Center
Has major name-brand discontinued computers, laptops, and components. Many of these products are either open-box specials or overstocked last-season's computers or laptops. Also see Reconditioned Products for like-new refurbished computers and laptops that have been thoroughly tested and certified.

Computer Geeks Notebooks A very good selection of Refurbished laptops is usually available. As you scroll down, look for "Refurb" before the price.

What is a Refurbished Computer
(or Laptop)?

All manufacturers have refurbished or remanufacured computers and laptops.

Refurbished computers and laptops are models that were returned for any number of reasons. Perhaps it was too big, too small, the wrong color, or didn't work as expected. Many times, it was a leased computer or laptop that was returned at the end of its leasing period.

Because they can no longer be sold as "new," they are thoroughly checked, tested, and certified. The they are sold at a huge discount.

Always check the warranty and the return policy before any purchase. While a limited warranty is usually given, the period is short. The warranty period for refurbished computers is often 90 days.

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What is a Discontinued Computer
(or Laptop)?

Sooner or later, all computer and laptop models are discontinued. When the new models come in, the older models must go.

This affords the wise buyer with an opportunity to save serious money. Understand, these are new PC's and laptops.

This is truly the type of deal that makes 'a great deal of sense'. After all, you'll be getting a new computer or laptop under full warranty at a huge discount. So, does it really matter if the computer is last season's, or for that matter, last year's model?

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