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Small Computer System Interface

Pictured is a SCSI hard disk drive.

SCSI (Pronounced "scuzzy") was has been for many years a good alternative system interface to parallel ATA (the old IDE) for high-end computers.

The SCSI interface had advantages, it enables the connection of more devices (more than three hard drives, CD-ROM's) within the computer system, and it was noticably faster than parallel ATA.

However, for most people, SCSI is not as practical as Serial ATA. PC's have never come with "built in" support for SCSI, so someone wanting to use SCSI must convert their computer to SCSI. That is involved.

SCSI requires its own host adapter card. The interface is not easy to configure. Then there is the fact that the disk drive devices that support SCSI, like the hard drives, have to be "SCSI" devices, which of course are more expensive. Nevertheless, SCSI is in common use because SCSI's advantages are specifically needed in their systems, because of the need to use more than three disk drive devices within the system.

Today, SCSI has evolved into an even better interface. Yet for most people, SCSI is not the interface of choice. Serial ATA, which is superior to Parallel ATA, is the best choice for a system interface. For more information see parallel ATA and serial ATA.

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