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Guide to Buying a Computer:

Table of Contents
1: How Much Computer Do You Need?
2: Basic Parts
3: Components
4: Operating Systems
5: Software
6: Recommended Computer Systems
7: The Buying Process
8: Connecting to the Internet & Last Thoughts

Laptop Computers Buying Guide:

Introduction & Table of Contents
1: The First Parts
2: Laptop Components & Drives
3: What Else To Look For

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How to Build Your Own Computer:

Table of Contents
Step 1: Computer Component Selection
Step 2: Case Preparation
Step 3: Hard Drive Configuration & Installation
Step 4: CD-ROM & Floppy Drive Configuration & Installation
Step 5: Processor Installation
Step 6: Motherboard Configuration
Step 7: RAM Memory Installation
Step 8: Motherboard Installation
Step 9: I/O Connector Installation
Step 10: Connect Motherboard
Step 11: Video Card & Sound Card Installation
Step 12: Boot-Up Preparation
Step 13: Initial Boot-Up
Step 14: BIOS Configuration
Step 15: Initial System Tests
Step 16: Hard Drive Partitioning & Formatting
Step 17: Operating System Installation & Final Thoughts

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