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wireless fidelity

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity is commonly used in business and home high-frequency wireless local area networks, or WLAN's. Wi-Fi is growing in popularity as an alternative to wired local area networks (LAN's).

Bluetooth, another wireless technology, can also be used for computers to communicate with each other, though it is more restrictive because it is low-frequency and thus covers less area. Bluetooth is commonly used in conjunction with the updating of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) scheduling calendars.

Apple AirPort (for Mac) is another wireless technology in use today.

When using wireless technology, be mindful to use security measures. Unprotected signals can be easily intercepted. That means all information on your hard drive can be accessible by remote intruders. While a WLAN cannot be completely secured, there are measures that can be taken to lessen the risk.

See Bluetooth

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