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Recommended Books

Here are a few books you may find of interest. If you have read a book about computers or the Internet that you found to be especially good, please do let us know in Comments & Suggestions.

cover How Computers Work (Seventh Edition) by Ron White and Timothy Edward Downs includes all recent computer developments. It has incredible depth, explaining everything you could want to know about your Windows PC. This book is well-structured and can easily be used as a reference resource beyond the first reading.
List: $29.99 Price: $20.39 To Purchase

cover How the Internet Works (Seventh Edition) by Preston Gralla is "an exciting visual journey down the highways and byways of the Internet." The book's high quality graphics and simple, succinct text make it the ideal book for beginners; however it still has much to offer for Net vets. This book is jam-packed with cool ways to visualize how the Net works. List: $29.99 Price: $20.39 To purchase

cover How to Do Just About Anything on a Computer This Windows XP Edition is a illustrated guide that will open up hundreds of ways for you to get more out of your PC - from managing your household expenses to planning a garden; and from keeping track of your family's health to shopping on the Internet - it's all explained in clear, jargon-free language. This book comes with a free CD-ROM containing many extras. Whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced PC user, this guide offers you a wealth of bright ideas for tasks you never even dreamed of tackling before.
List: $39.99 Price: $27.19 To Purchase

cover Peter Norton's Introduction To Computers (Fifth Edition - Student Edition) is a state-of-the-art text that provides comprehensive coverage of computer concepts. It is geared toward students learning about computer systems for the first time. Some of the topics covered are: an Overview of computers, input methods and output devices, processing data, storage devices, operating systems, software, networking, Internet resources, and graphics.
List: $59.96 Price: $55.76 To Purchase

cover Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows XP
is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide written in the highly acclaimed Norton style. Made up of four guides. This is a self-study resource for those who quickly need to get up to speed with XP. Norton's is a complete reference packed with tips for power users and resources for further information. It is filled with clear explanations and demonstrates many of XP's new features.
List/Price: $44.99 To Purchase

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