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Originally, the term hacker simply meant a good computer programmer. Today, it has slipped to become a term for those who "hack" their way into other computers (i.e. via unauthorized entry).

While it may seem a little silly, for those interested in the use of hacker hat names, following are the correct definitions of hacker-related terms:

  • white hat hacker - A computer professional that is ethical and law-abiding.
  • grey hat hacker - Is an "ethical hacker," reports security problems when they discover them.
  • samurai hacker - This is a white hat hackers employed as a security consultant.
  • cracker - This is a hostile, unethical individual that attempts to "crack," (gain illegal) entry into a computer or computer network for malicious purposes.
  • black hat hacker - This is a synonym for a cracker.
  • worm - Synonym for a cracker. Often, a worm is used to mean a hostile program implanted by a cracker that attempts to take over a computer by continuously replicating itself in an uncontrollable manner.

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