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A jumper is a small metal connector that can be found on motherboards, hard drive boards, sound cards, graphics cards, I/O cards, CD-ROM boards, and modems, etc... Mulitple jumpers, referred to as a jumper block, are used so the computer can identify how a certain device, like a hard drive, is configured.

Plug-and-play devices do not usually come with jumpers. However, some devices do still use them. Because the setting of jumpers manually can be confusing, most devices that use jumpers come with their jumpers preset in a default manner. This is usually the manner in which they should be kept.

Should you find that you have a device with jumpers that are not preset, then you need to locate the device's jumper diagram. The diagram could be on the device itself, or in its documentation. If you cannot locate the diagram, try the manufacturer's website.

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