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A computer mouse is a device that allows you to select options on a computer monitor screen and enter data instead of typing. Often, this is faster. But a mouse cannot type, that is why you have both a mouse and a keyboard.

The "standard" mouse has two buttons, but some have three. They come in right- and left-handed versions. Most people find the standard mouse to be comfortable to use.

The IntelliMouse design is a convenient adaptation of the standard mouse. It has an additional wheel between the two buttons. When you roll the wheel back and forth, you scroll up and down the screen without having to click on a scroll bar.

A completely different design that some people prefer, is the oval-designed Logitech Marble Mouse, which has a large red marble or trackball. Instead of moving the mouse around on the mouse pad, the Marble Mouse remains stationary. The curser is moved by rolling the red ball around on your fingers or palm.

It's a matter of personal taste. However, I personally find the Marble Mouse to be the most comfortable and the easiest to use.

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