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Technical Support

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In Warrantee Technical Support

If you purchased a computer that is under warrantee, call the retailer's or manufacturer's Tech Support phone number that was provided to you with your new computer.

Out of Warrantee Technical Support

If you have a problem with an out-of-warrantee computer, or you are building your own computer and you can't find the answer to a problem, there are a number of resources available to you.

Free Advice

There are a number of groups that provide advice for those building their own computer, or those that discover a problem with their out-of-warrantee computer. The following offer advice-centered help, including articles, tutorials, Forums, and even some phone support (they hope you'll buy items they sell).

With free services, you must have some extra patience when you hunt for an answer to a technical problem.

  • Computer Hope provides "some of the most complete free listings of various technical information and support available online."
  • Computer Repair Diagnostic Flow Charts This can be the answer to your frustrations. Here you will find flowcharts for eliminating progressively less likely reasons why your hardware isn't working. Good for diagnosing and repairing PCs, extracted from the author's book.
  • Free Computer Repair and PC Tech Support
    Help by certified professionals. We differ from other computer repair and PC help sites because we never charge for our services. Join our tech support Forum or chat room today.
  • Help 2 Go "is a community committed to offering free computer help and tutorials, in a way that everyone can understand, not 'geek-speak'." In Help2Go Forum, you can ask tech questions!
  • Free Compute Help by DAL provides a free online computer help community. "Annoying computer problem? For computer help visit us and join our growing community."

For a problem involving a Microsoft® product, Microsoft® Product Support Services has an extensive number of articles and other information.

Fee-Based Technical Support Plans

Ask Dr. Tech. Become a member and get fast, friendly, expert help and technical support for your computer. We're ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need us, wherever you need us, online or toll-free on the phone...You'll always come first.

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